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Published on 12/22/2021

Diagnostic of energy performance

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What is a DPE or energy performance diagnosis?

The Energy Performance Diagnosis (or DPE) is part of the energy policy defined at European level aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in 2050 by reducing the energy consumption of buildings and limiting greenhouse gas emissions. It also informs buyers and tenants of the energy performance of their home and the impact on their future energy bills.

How to draw up a DPE?

Le DPE doit être effectué à l'initiative du propriétaire du logement, à ses frais, qu’il s’agisse d’un propriétaire privé ou public. Il doit être établi par un diagnostiqueur professionnel certifié. Le diagnostic est valable pendant 10 ans sauf pour ceux réalisés avant 2021

What is the main information to be found in the DPE?

Depuis juillet 2021 le bilan thermique porte sur cinq postes de consommation : le chauffage, la production d’eau chaude, le refroidissement, l’éclairage et les auxiliaires comme la ventilation mécanique. Avant la réforme il ne portait que sur les 3 premiers éléments.

Energy perfomance labels

The reading of the DPE is simplified by two labels with 7 categories from A to G:

  • The energy label for the primary energy consumption, in kWhEP/m².year.
  • Climate label for the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted, in kgeqCO2/m².year.

Today, it is estimated that there are nearly 4.8 million energy inefficient buildings (F and G labels) in metropolitan France, i.e., 17% of housing. The government has set the objective that all F and G homes should be renovated by 2028.


The diagnosis also includes recommendations for the most effective measures to save energy: advice on proper use and management of the building and its equipment, as well as recommendations for building work. The latter is not mandatory: the DPE aims to encourage the improvement of the energy performance of the building, not to enforce building work to be carried out.

Click here if you want to know more about the revised DPE and its objectives (in French).

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the DPE.

A project?

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